Slide Home Issues About Donate Leadership with Vitality for Washougal •Revitalize downtown Washougal
•Preserve our small-town character
•Provide vision for a brighter future
•Accountability and common sense
•Manage growth to preserve quality of life
•Careful budgeting; hold the line on taxes
•Attract more living wage jobs to Washougal
•Fund public safety to keep our community safe
“I’m running for Mayor of Washougal to lead with a greater emphasis on fiscal responsibility and provide a brighter vision for our city. Washougal is experiencing growing pains, causing a greater financial burden on residents. Water and sewer rates continue to skyrocket. Our public works department is challenged to keep up. Revitalization of downtown Washougal has stalled. As Mayor, I’ll always put the citizens first to move Washougal in the right direction.”

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950 Fairway Drive, Washougal, WA 98671

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